5StarBot has a number of built-in tipsters that can be set to load tips automatically each day. Some tips are free other are subscription based. You can use one of these tipsters as a starting point if you are unsure which selections to bet.


Each tipster has it’s own settings that are shown on the right side. To view settings select one of the tipsters in the left side list.

1. Auto download tips – tick to load tips each day. Each tipster may have it’s own tips loading time, but usually it is around 11:00 UTC.

2. Save – the button saves changes made in tipster’s settings.

3. Visit tips site – will open the website with detailed information about the tips.

Currently we have next tipsters (read their description on their websites): Betsender Live, Betsender Morning, Parlays Equinox, Parlays Solstice.