Football bot

Recently we’ve started a new Betfair football bot – It is similar to 5starbot in the way that it runs on it’s own server 24/7 and doesn’t require any download or installation. The football bot can be accessed from any device, e.g. iPhone or Android mobile. If you used 5starbot before, it should be straightforward to start with FootyBotPro because their design is very similar. Currently the football bot supports match odds, correct score and over/under Betfair markets. You have a choice of betting strategies: stakes – simply backing or laying selected outcome, green up – trading your bet after certain conditions, lay the draw – similar to green up with first bet laying the draw outcome. The bot has a number of dedicated football options like min/max number of goals, match minutes. FootyBotPro can be empowered with your own betting strategies or options on request.

The Betfair football bot comes with free 7 day trial

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