Features List of betting options available n the software

Here you will find a list of 5 Star Bot features. The list is not full, there are more features inside and more to come. Even if you don't find required features for your betting strategy, send us a query, it's likely that we will be able to extend the bot with required functionality.

  • Multiple strategies

    Run up to 3 betting strategies at the same time (more strategies available on request)

  • Mobile devices

    Access and manage the bot from PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Linux

  • 24/7

    The bot runs 24/7 on it's own server, even when your PC is switched off

  • Different price sources

    Number of options: Betfair live odds, BSP, on course prices (SportingLife), RacingPost forecasts

  • Staking plans & dutching

    Wide choice of staking plans: backing, laying and dutching. Custom staking plans on request

  • General betting conditions

    Min/max price, number of runners, matched volume, place market price, selection's rank, lay & back book %, individual runner conditions

  • Advanced betting conditions

    Suspend/resume betting after a number of won/lost races, price change X seconds to the off, compare selection's and favs prices

  • In-Play betting

    Allows to place bets in-play

  • Extra features

    We can easily add extra features for each member on request to implement your betting ideas

  • Betfair markets

    Supports horse racing and greyhounds, UK, IRE, AUS, NZL, US, UAE, FRA markets (win & place)

  • Simulation mode

    Allows to place simulation (paper trade) bets without risking your money

  • Auto stop loss

    Stop betting triggers after: loss, profit, number of lost races, number of won races

  • Variety of selections

    1 to 6 favourites, named runners, odds range, steamers, drifters, RacingPost forecast, last winning trap

  • Market filters

    Filter markets by country, meetings, sports, type (win or place), keywords, distance, number of runners

  • Tipsters

    Built in support for tips. Number of tipsters already available, more to come

  • Numerous options

    Reload markets each day, autostart betting, BSP betting, consequential betting, daily reset of staking plan and more

  • Export to Excel

    Export your selections and bets to Excel file

  • Import from CSV

    Load selections from CSV file