Betting history

Betting history is the page where you can browse bets placed by all of your systems. The bets are stored for a limited time (currently 90 days).


In the table there are columns:

1. Strategy – name of a system used to fire the bet. It is clickable, navigates to the system page.
2. Staking plan – name of a staking plan used to calculate the bet.
3. Date – when the bet was fired.
4. Market – Betfair market’s name and time. Clickable, opens the market’s page on Betfair. (SL) if shown also can be clicked, it opens corresponding Sporting Life page with race info.
5. Selection – selection’s name.
6. Type – Back or Lay.
7. Stake, Odds – stake and odds of the bet.
8. Result – Won if the runner won, Lost if the runner lost, Cancelled if bet was not fired.
9. Profit – profit or loss made with the bet.
10. Placed, Settled – time when the bet was fired and when it was settled.
11. Prices source – shows what prices were used to check betting conditions. Can be Betfair odds, Betfair SP or On course (SL). Read more about price sources.
12. Info – additional information about the bet. BSP – bet was placed at BSP, SIM – simulation bet, IP – placed in-play, (x) – the bet was not fired. In the last case the cross image can be clicked to display the reason why the bet was not fired.

Bets can be filtered using several parameters.

1. Strategy – can be set to display bets only for certain system.
2. Mode – allows to display bets placed only in Real mode or Simulation mode.
3. Staking plans – display bets only for placed using certain staking plan.
4. Result – display bets which Won, Lost or were Cancelled.
5. From, To – allows to set a time interval.