RacingPost Forecast

RacingPost Forecast option selects one or more runners accordingly to their betting forecast on Racing Post website. A runner is selected if difference in it’s Betfair price and RacingPost forecast price is within specified range.


1. Min difference, Max difference – sets the range where the difference in runner’s Betfair price and forecast price must lie.
2. Difference in % – if ticked the difference range will be set in %, otherwise in absolute price numbers.
3. Difference must be – Positive, Negative, Any.

  • Positive – Betfair price must be above forecast price, e.g. between F/C + 10% and F/C + 100%.
  • Negative – Betfair price must be below forecast price, e.g. between F/C – 10% and F/C – 100%.
  • Any – both positive and negative difference is accepted.

4. How to select runners – tells which runner to select if more than one runner match the criteria. There are several options:

  • All runners in the range – all runners matching the criteria are selected
  • Lowest ABS difference – runner with lowest ABSsolute difference (either + or -) between Betfair and forecast prices is selected
  • Highest ABS difference – the same as previous, but the one with highest difference is selected
  • Lowest price – runner with lowest Betfair price is selected
  • Highest price – runner with highest Betfair price is selected

5. Number of runners to select – how many runners with given criteria (ABS difference or high/low price) to select. For example, if this parameter is 3, then three runners with lowest ABS difference will be selected to bet. If option #4 is set to select ‘All runners in the range’ the number of runners is ignored and all runners are selected. If number of runners is set at 0, one runner will be selected anyway. If you set number of runners at 3, but only 1 runner matches your min and max difference limits, then only one runner that is matching the criteria is selected.

How to setup RacingPost Forecast bets

1. You want to bet a runner whose Betfair price is higher than it’s forecast price and the difference is the highest among all runners in the race. Set the following:
Min Difference = 0
Max Difference = 1000
Difference in % = not ticked (use price value instead of %)
Difference must be = Positive
How to select = Highest ABS difference.

2. You want to bet any runner whose Betfair price is down to it’s forecast by 30% to 130%. Set the following:
Min difference = 30
Max difference = 130
Difference in % = ticked
Difference must be = Negative
How to select = All runners in the range.

3. You want to bet a runner whose Betfair and forecast prices have a difference at least 50% or more (no matter which way). Also you want to select a runner with biggest difference. Set:
Min difference = 50
Max difference = 99999
Difference in % = ticked
Difference must be = Any
How to select = Highest ABS difference.

How the price difference is calculated

For example, a runner’s Betfair price is 2.30 and it’s Racing Post forecast is 7/4.
First of all we should convert fractional odds (7/4) to decimal odds: (7/4) + 1 = 2.75. To find absolute difference we should deduct forecast price from Betfair price: 2.30 – 2.75 = -0.45. Difference in % will be: -0.45 / 2.75 = -16.4%.