Betfair login

In order to place bets you need to login to Betfair. You can do this on “Betfair” page of the bot.


Enter your Betfair login details and click ‘Login to Betfair’. If you want Betfair username to show in the top bar, tick ‘Remember username’. If login was successful you’ll see a confirmation message and the page will start looking as follows.


‘Signed in’ status and your account funds will appear on the top. Also ‘Logout from Betfair’ button will show up that can be used to log out.


If the bot fails to login to Betfair you will see appropriate message saying what happened. Possible reasons include the following.
1. “Betfair username or password is invalid”.
2. “We are experiencing technical problem” – means a problem on our side. You should try later when the problem is fixed.
3. “Your account is locked or suspended” – Betfair account is locked, you should contact Betfair helpdesk to unlock it.


Please, note that the bot doesn’t store your Betfair login details. Login details are passed directly to Betfair to get access to the API. The bot stores only Betfair session token (a code used with API calls) and, if you decide, your username, both securely encrypted. That means if something serious happens on Betfair server (major fault or maintenance) the bot will not be able to re-login automatically. Instead you will be informed about this by email and will need to provide your login details again.