5StarBot has various selection options for betting. Selections can be chosen for multiple races on Load races page or individually per race in Edit race form.


Standard betting selections.

1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Fav – allow to select a favourite in the market. Favourite is selected based on odds. If live Betfair odds are used, it will be back odds for back bets and lay odds for lay bets. If BSP odds are used, it will be BSP odds favourite. If on-course odds from Sporting Life are used, it will be favourite based on SL odds. Type of odds can be set in Settings.

2. Named runners – certain horses or dogs listed with their names and numbers. Available only in Edit form when editing certain race.

3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Selection – available only on Load Races page and applies to multiple races. Allows to select a runner listed at corresponding position in Betfair market. Particularly useful for greyhounds racing when 1st Selection stands for Trap 1, 2nd Selection for Trap 2, etc.

4. Price Range – selects one or multiple runners within specified odds range. Min and max limits can be set in Min odds and Max odds boxes. You can control how to select runners within the odds range – all runners, only one with lowest odds or with highest odds. It can be done on Settings page, ‘Price range selection method’ option.

Advanced betting selections.

Advanced selections have their own settings form located on Extra Features page. We can add new advanced selections personally for members on request. For example if existing selections are not enough for your betting strategy, you can contact us to add your own selection options. The following options are available for all members and demonstrate how we can extend standard selections.

1. RacingPost Forecast – selects one or more runners accordingly to their betting forecast from Racing Post website. More details in RacingPost Forecast section of this guide.

2. Winning Trap – can be used on greyhounds racing. Selects a trap to bet accordingly to the previous winning trap number. For example, you can set it to bet the same trap number which won in the last race or trap number + 1, etc. More details in Winning Trap section of this guide.