Main page

Main page displays betting systems, recent bets and the bot news. Also it shows when your subscription expires.


1. Name – name of the system. Clicking the name takes you to the system’s page.

2. Active – shows a green tick if betting is enabled (bets are firing) for the system.

3. Mode – Simulation or Real Money, depending what you set in the system.

4. Bank – system’s current bank.

5. D.profit – the day’s profit.

6. T.profit – total profit.

7. Staking plan – name of the staking plan used for the system.

8. Cycle P.W.L – displays three numbers: running Profit, number of Winning bets and number of Losing bets in the betting cycle. Betting cycle lasts from a moment when betting was started to a moment when it is stopped. On every new betting cycle these three figures are cleared to 0.

9. Next bet – selections and market name for the next bet. The market name can be clicked to open respective page on Betfair website.

The systems table refreshes every 10 seconds.

main-recent-betsThe table shows bets made for the last 24 hours from all systems.

1. Strategy – name of the system. Clicking the name takes you to the system’s page.

2. Date – date of the race.

3. Market – name of Betfair market. Clicking on it opens respective market on Betfair website.

4. Selection – name of the runner.

5. Type, Stake and Odds – information about the bet.

6. Result – shows if the runner Won or Lost.

7. Profit – P/L made with the bet (Betfair commission is not deducted).

8. Info – additional information about the bet. SIM – simulation bet, BSP – bet placed at BSP, IP – bet placed in-play, (x) – cancelled bet. If the bet is cancelled, the red cross image (x) can be clicked to show a reason why the bet was cancelled.