FAQs Q&A about 5starbot software

General Questions

What do I need to run 5 Star Bot?

All you need is a web browser. You can use 5 Star Bot from any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) from virtually ANY device, including iPad, Android and other systems.

Do I have to keep my computer/iPad open to run the bot?

NO. The bot runs 24/7, no matter if your computer is switched on or not. You can access and manage the bot from a browser on our website anytime. The bot also keeps working no matter if 5starbot.com is opened in your browser or not.

Can you tell me which devices or OS I can use with the bot?

The list is really long. Common devices are: computers and laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Supported systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Java. Basically everything that has a web browser.

What exchanges does the bot support?

Currently 5 Star Bot supports only Betfair sports betting exchange.

How do I start using the bot?

You need to create an account by registering on our web site. All instructions will be sent to your email. Currently the bot is under a beta testing and registration is free. However number of free accounts is limited and we reserve the right to stop giving away free accounts at any time.

Do you guarantee any profits if I use the bot?

No. Please be aware that using the bot does not guarantee that you will make profit. The bot is only a handy tool that helps to save time and efforts by automating your betting strategy. You should have a betting strategy and/or valued selections to expect some returns.

How many systems can I run simultaneously?

5StarBot provides 3 strategies (betting systems) that can be set up individually with own parameters. You can run one or all three systems at the same time. On request we can provide more strategies for extra fee.

What markets does the bot support?

Currently 5 Star Bot can bet on horse racing (UK, IRE, AUS, NZL, US, UAE, FRA, etc) and greyhounds (UK, AUS), Win and Place markets. The bot supports both UK and Australian wallets and markets.

Can I bet in simulation (paper trade) mode?

Yes, the bot supports simulation mode where it places virtual bets without risking your money.

Do I have to enter Betfair login if I place simulation bets only?

Yes, you still need to enter your Betfair login, even if you plan to place only simulation (virtual) bets. It works so because the bot still needs to fetch prices from Betfair. Depending on your settings prices may need to be updated as fast as every second which is not possible without signing into Betfair account.
However without entering Betfair login you still can do lots of things, for example, search and load races, test staking plans, load selections from free tipsters, set up your betting systems. The only limitation is that no bets will be placed until you are signed into Betfair.

How to cancel 5StarBot subscription?

Please, read this page for information: Subscription & Billing.