Market text filters

‘Name contains’ box can filter markets by certain keywords. It is particularly good to filter markets by meeting name. You can tell the bot that some keywords must be in the market name and other must NOT be there. For example, you can put in such string: Wolv,Kemp. This will show only Wolverhampton and Kempton races. Another example: !Wolv,!Kemp,!Leic will show all races¬†except Wolverhampton, Kempton and Leicester. Please¬†note that you should use meeting abbreviations from Betfair instead of full names. For UK horse races the filter also searches keywords in race description, race type (Chase, Hurdle, Flat, etc) and track surface (All weather, Turf). ‘&’ sign before a keyword means that the keyword MUST occur in text.


1. !Hcap,!Chase,Leic,Kemp – display all races in Leicester and Kempton except handicaps and chase races.
2. &A/W,!Hrd – display races from ‘All Weather’ meetings, except hurdles.
3. !A/W,&Flat – display all flat races, excluding All Weather tracks.
4. Chs,Hrd,!Mdn,!Nov – display all hurdle and chase races, except maiden and novices.