BSP betting Placing bets and lays at BSP using the 5starbot software

You can enable BSP betting in System settings by ticking the ‘Place bets at BSP’.

This option has certain limitations which will be explained here.

1. 5StarBot cannot bet below the minimum Betfair stake size (£2) at BSP. Bets below the minimum will be cancelled.

2. Bets will be placed at BSP only in appropriate markets that support BSP betting. In all other markets bets will be placed at the best BACK or LAY odds (depending on staking plan used).

3. For LAY bets the bot is using liability instead of stakes. The liability will be calculated from stake and CURRENT odds and placed at BSP. The actual stake will be calculated by Betfair at time of market reconciliation when the ACTUAL BSP is known. This means that the actual lay stake can be different from the stake you wanted to place because of the difference in projected starting price at time of bet placing and actual starting price at the off. Therefore we suggest to place lay bets at BSP no longer than 1 minute before the off when live prices are closest to the final BSP. This will ensure that the difference is minimised. Before the reconciliation time the bot will display the liability instead of stake, for example, Liability=20. The actual stake will appear after the off.

4. For LAY bets placed at BSP Betfair has a minimum liability limit which is equal to £10. For Australian dollars it is $30. You should make sure that all your LAY bets have a liability compatible with this limit. If it is below the limit, Betfair will not accept the bet and it will be cancelled.

5. The bot will place BSP bets using your odds limits. So the bet will be matched only if starting price is above the min odds. Otherwise it will be lapsed. Before reconciliation time the bot will show ‘BSP’ in price field. The bot will show actual price when the bet is settled. If it was not matched at SP, 5StarBot will display ‘Unmatched’ in the price column of the main table.

6. Sometimes matched BSP bet’s price can be slightly out of your Min/Max limit. This happens because actual BSP price is available only after the market reconciliation (i.e. when it goes inplay). Before this point the software knows only “Projected BSP” price that very often is different from actual BSP. The bot fires its bets before it knows actual BSP having only projected BSP to compare with your Min/Max odds. On Betfair it is possible to set minimum odds for BACK BSP bets, but not maximum (and vise versa for LAY bets). Therefore if actual BSP is less than your minimum odds, the BACK bet will be unmatched, but if it is above your maximum odds, it will be accepted. This works the same way as if you were placing your bets manually on Betfair site. You can’t guarantee Max odds, only compare projected bsp to your limits and hope that it will stay in the range.

You can find out more about BSP betting rules on the official Betfair site: