Betfair strategies

We want to remind you that it is possible to add virtually any options and features that you may require for your betting strategies, even if you don’t find them in the bot currently. Just send us a message with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our Betfair bot is really flexible and we are keen to let you use 100% of it’s power.

One Response to Betfair strategies

  1. Robert Duncan says:

    I’m experimenting with your trial and I’m having trouble setting up my strategy.
    Hopefully you can help.
    I was wanting to LAY BOTH the first and second favourites in selected races BUT ONLY when
    BOTH favs. are under ,say, $5.00 i.e. I want to always have TWO bets in a race that meets my criteria.
    I’ll have a fixed liability with no stop/loss etc.
    I’m hoping this is not too difficult.

    Regards..Rob Duncan


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