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    Some features we are looking to add in the nearest future.

    1. Approximate stake size of the next bet in the System Summary to give an estimation of amount to be placed. Most likely it will show an amount at some predefined odds, e.g. £25 @ 3.0, because user might have multiple selections per race or unknown number of bets, so showing specific stakes for all bets is not feasible. This will be useful to indicate how big or small the next bet is going to be. DONE

    2. Option to void bet after N minutes if result is not known. Will be useful when ‘Consequential betting’ is enabled and the bot gets stuck if certain race results are delayed. DONE

    3. Add warning when users switch from Simulation to Real mode because they might have loss recovery in progress and the 1st real bet accidentally might be too big. DONE

    4. Quick runners selection for races, without a need to click ‘Edit’ link to each race. DONE

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