Important: Betfair changes for Australian customers, 20th Sept

Probably you already know that Betfair is removing AUS wallet. Now there will be only one global wallet for all Betfair markets. Beside that Betfair also doing a major change to it’s API in the way how bots and software bet on Australian markets. These changes are taking place on 20th Sept 2016, at 07:00 UK time. We are ready for these changes, but as with any major change there can be issues in the first day before we get everything tested and tweaked. It is anticipated that our customers may have issues, so we encourage you to avoid betting on Australian markets on 20th September. It should be all sorted and working smoothly again on 21th September.

Good news for our customers is that new Australian API servers are located in UK as our bot is, so now the bot will be able to place your bets on Australian markets much faster.

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