(Lay) Maria

In this staking plan stakes depend on odds range. You can specify three odds range and percentage of the bank to lay in Odds and Percentage columns in the settings.
By default it’s:
If odds below 3.50, lay 1% of the bank.
If odds from 3.60 to 7.40, lay 0.6% of the bank.
If odds from 7.50 to 11, lay 0.4% of the bank.
All odds above 11 are ignored.

Every day your stake will be increased to match your new bank if the bank grows. If you lose and current bank is less than bank used to calculate stake, the stake stays the same. You can see the bank used to calculate your stakes in the Base Bank field.
If you don’t want to increase your stakes along with the bank, tick Fixed Bank box.

If you lose 35% of your highest bank level, then stakes will be recalculated based on your bank left, i.e. 65%.
You can control this level in Decrease Stake After field (by default set at 35%).