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The staking plan bets a custom series of stakes, moving one step forward after every lose and returning to 1st stake after every win. It is similar to Fibonacci staking plan, but instead of predefined Fibonacci numbers you can set a custom series.

Stake is a base stake that will be multiplied by numbers from your series. The stake also can be set as Percentage Of Bank by enabling the option.

Series is your numbers that will be used to calculate stakes. Numbers must be separated either by comma (,) or by space. They may contain decimal numbers. Examples:
1 3 6.5 10 15 20.5

Index displays current step in the Series. Resulting stake is calculated as Stake x [Current number from Series].

Step down on win and Step down on loseĀ tell the bot how many places in the Series it should move after a winning and losing bet respectively. If you setĀ Step down on win at 0, the bot will revert back to first number in the Series after every winning bet.

Example (Stake = 2, Series = 1,3,6,10,20):

Stake Index Bet Result Profit/Loss
2 1 2 @ 3.1 Lost -2
2 2 6 @ 5.6 Lost -6
2 3 12 @ 4.7 Lost -12
2 4 20 @ 3.5 Won +50
2 1 2 @ 4.0 Lost -2