(Back) Recovery

This plan is designed to produce a fixed profit on each bet and at the same time to recover losses made from previous bets. When you hit a losing bet, the plan turns on recovery mode.

Recovery is spread over specific Number Of Recovery Bets. Your total loss is divided by this number to be recovered over next bets.

If Safe Recovery box is not ticked, in the end if you don’t have a running loss, your profit will be equal to Target Profit multiplied by number of bets placed (no matter how many of them won). It works so because every time you lose, the plan adds one point for the next bet so if it wins you make profit for two races. Number of points (Target Profit) currently added into the stake is shown in Multiplier field.

You can set Multiplier Limit to limit maximum number of points (Target Profit) added into the stake. For example, if after 1st losing bet you wish to bet only your loss plus 1 stake instead of 2 stakes, set Multiplier Limit at 1.

If Safe Recovery box is ticked, the plan will run recovery mode without adding Target Profit to the bet size. This way your final profit will be equal to stake multiplied by number of winning bets that were placed out of recovery cycles.

For example, if you have lost £12 on first bet, it will recover this loss over next 3 bets, £4 per bet. Thus if 3 bets win you will make back £12 plus £6 of your stakes. If your bet loses the loss will be added to Running Loss and spread over 3 bets again.

You can set Max Running Loss. If your current loss exceeds this figure the bot will keep recovering (Max Running Loss) / (Number Of Recovery Bets) amount per bet no matter how high your actual loss is. It can be useful to keep your stakes under a reasonable limit. If you don’t want to have a limit for your loss, just set Max Running Loss at zero.

You can also tick Clear Loss If Above Maximum box. Then current loss will be reset to zero as soon as it reaches Max Loss To Recover amount.

Recovery Step displays number of bets that are placed in recovery mode. It will be increasing up to Number Of Recovery Bets when recovery mode ends.

Example (Target Profit = 10, Number of recovery bets=2, Safe Recovery=NO, Max loss to recover=0):

Bet# Running Loss Bet Result Profit/Loss
Bet1 0 5.98 @ 2.76 Lost -5.98
Bet2 5.98 9.1 @ 3.66 Won 22.99
Bet3 2.99 4.19 @ 4.26 Lost -4.19
Bet4 7.18 3.87 @ 7.41 Lost -3.87
Bet5 11.06 16.26 @ 3.3 Won 35.53
Bet6 5.53 4.71 @ 4.47 Won 15.53
Bet7 0 2.99 @ 4.52 Lost -2.99