(Back) Dutch Recovery

Dutching staking plan which includes recovery mode. Dutching allows to share stake over a number of bets to make equal profit if one of the bets wins.

Total Stake Or Target Profit – amount to bet. It is either total stake (liability) or target profit, depending on the next option.

Use Target Profit Dutching – if enabled, the previous parameter is assumed to be Target Profit. Otherwise it is used as Total Stake. If you use Target Profit, the bot will aim to make a fixed profit on every race, no matter which bet wins, but stakes and liability will be different for each race, depending on odds of your selections. If Total Stake is used liability will be the same for all races, but profit will be different, depending on selection odds. In other words this option defines a method used to calculate stakes,. Two methods are similar to those used in (Back) Dutch Fixed Stake and (Back) Dutch Target Profit staking plans.

Percentage Of Bank – if enabled, the Target Stake or Target Profit is set as % of bank.

Max Running Loss – defines a maximum limit for running loss to recover. The bot will not aim to recover any amounts above this limit.

Running Loss – displays the running loss.

On each race the bot aims to make some profit accordingly to your settings and to recover a running loss if you have any.

Dutching staking plans are used when you have two or more selections per race.