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The plan increases your stake on lose and decreases it back on win. You enter your Stake, which means the base stake, actually. If you lose, the stake increases by one point, so the next amount to bet will be 2x Stake . If you lose again, it goes up to 3x Stake and so on. This continues until you win, then it goes one point down, say, from 3x to 2x. To avoid infinite stakes you can set your Limit. It is the upper limitĀ for your stake Multiplier (2x, 3x, 4x…).

Stake – amount of money to bet (1 point)
Limit – maximum number of points to bet
Multiplier – current multiplier for stake


Multiplier Bet Result Profit/Loss
1 10 @ 3.40 Lost -10
2 20 @ 2.90 Lost -20
3 30 @ 4.10 Lost -30
4 40 @ 3.20 Won +88
3 30 @ 2.50 Won +45