(Back) Bookies bank

The staking plan is a simple recovery system. In parameters you can set Bookies Bank and Percentage To Bet. Imagine that you are betting against a bookie. Every time you lose, the bookies bank is growing. You always stake a % of current bookies bank. Therefore if bookies bank is £200 and your percentage to bet is 10% your stake will be £20. Have a look at the following series of bets.


In this example, starting bookies bank is £100 and percentage to bet is 10%. First bet is £10 (10% of £100) and it loses. Bookies bank is growing by £10 and now it is £110. The next stake is £11 (10% of £110). This one loses again increasing bookies bank by £11. The 3rd stake is £12.1 (10% of £121) and it wins £73.91. This amount is deducted from bookies bank. Now bookies bank is less than we started with (£100) and we take 10% of £100 on the next stake.